Get to know me

My organizing philosophy is:

You don't have to spend oodles of money on organizational products. Often times there are less expensive, just as durable solutions, as well as "outside of the box" solutions that can be made with items you already own.

I'm here to help you figure those out and fit them into your life.

Professional Organizer AJ

Hey, I'm AJ! I help people in Northern Colorado declutter, downsize, reorganize, and create systems to make life less stressed and more streamlined. Clutter is the leading cause of stress and anxiety. If you continuously repurchase things because you aren't sure if you have them at home or cannot find your precious items, I am here to help.

Experience a project with me, and you'll realize I teach a lifelong skill that will continue to give you confidence in keeping your home tidy and things within reach.

My Certification as a Professional Organizer. However, nothing speaks louder than experience and trust.

Meet the fur babies close to my heart.