Declutter and Organizing Projects



Office Area- BEFORE & AFTER

Office Area- BEFORE & AFTER





Bathroom- BEFORE

Bathroom- AFTER


This pantry has already experienced my work once. The client requested I return and build them a set of shelves alongside the cabinets to store large kitchen items they do not want on the counter. What a difference this made for the countertops and the ease of use.


This client needed a workspace, and more specifically a workbench. I was able to work with the couple and within a weekend we were able to get this garage back into workable shape.

Kitchen Cabinet

These shelves were sagging and in danger of totally collapsing. I was able to reorganize things and create a cabinet that's easy to navigate when putting dishes away and when grabbing dishes to eat on.

Bedroom - BEFORE

Bedroom - AFTER

One day and two people got this room into shape. The young man cried when he saw his space redone with his things and room to grow.

Living Room - BEFORE

This family has just moved from a home they lived in for 20+ years. I managed the process to reduce excess items in the unpacking phase, repositioned the furniture to get the best view and accessibility possible while keeping in mind the habits of the homeowners. Nothing feels better than a space tailored to you as you can see below.

Living Room - AFTER

Check out the view from the large window they can enjoy now! She has so many beautiful plants, it was easy to accent the room with their beauty.

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Living Room - BEFORE

Living Room - AFTER

Master Closet- BEFORE

This closet has not been used in years. We are first going to sort, donate, and resale what can be.

Master Closet- Mid-Project

Master Closet- AFTER

This closet is now officially open! The owner of this space has been testing products and is refining the way she wants it, but she can now officially call it hers. Very little money was spent, and we reused a lot of the bins she already had.

Master Closet/Shoe Area - BEFORE

Master Closet/Shoe Area - AFTER

Coat Closet- BEFORE

Coat Closet- AFTER

Kitchen- BEFORE

Once we cleared the clutter of non-working appliances, and utensils we were able to organize the food better.

Kitchen- AFTER

Child's Room- BEFORE

I helped this single father reclaim control of his daughters room. It was a constant battle for him, and whenever he would try to tackle it, he said he would get overwhelmed and give up.

Child's Room- AFTER

Working with his daughter for about 3 months we were able to remove quite a bit of sell and donate items, as well as separate out the seasonal clothes not in use.

Child's Room- BEFORE

This young girl had some specific requests for her desk area, which I was able to accomplish easily. Upgrading her dresser allowed her old dresser to be used in the craft space in their home as well.

Child's Room- AFTER

Child's Room- BEFORE

A challenge for this room included spending little to no money. I was able to utilize almost everything under the bed in a different way that gave this young girl more space to play and organize her toys. She took part in sorting and labeling the boxes as well, and became very invested in how her room looks, building good habits for a lifetime.

Child's Room- AFTER

Child's Room- BEFORE

Changing hangers, clearing out old clothes that don't fit, and utilizing the space as a hide away nook were on the wish list for my clients.

Child's Room- AFTER

PROTIP: Storing unused clothes for next season gives the feeling of new clothes each time you pull the bins out for the next season, and it typically fees up space for the appropriate seasons clothing.

Master Closet - BEFORE

Master Closet - AFTER

Garage - BEFORE

Garage - AFTER

Guest Room Closet - BEFORE

Guest Room Closet - AFTER

I removed the old shelving and replaced it with a more functional design for the client.

Kitchen Cabinets - BEFORE

These cabinets were not functional for my client. She needed to be able to access kitchen accessories quickly and reduce the clutter.

Kitchen Cabinets - AFTER

Now my client has the ability to rotate small appliances after seasons easily. I found a different area for the paper and plastic bags that cleaned up this space to allow for more glassware once unpacked.

Dining Room - BEFORE

After this family's move, it was difficult for them to catch up with the clutter, and the eating area needed to be handicap accessible.

Dining Room - AFTER

I moved the table to allow a wheelchair comfortably, repositioned the cat food bowl, and brought the stools this original table came with back to life.

Kitchen - BEFORE

The placement of the coffee maker was improper for this families needs, and therefore made their lives more difficult in the morning.

Kitchen - AFTER

Moving the coffee maker to the other end of the kitchen allowed wheelchair accessibility, and more relaxed brewing in their future mornings. Of course we moved the cups to match.

Kitchen - BEFORE

This corner can become a catch all. especially with a large appliance there. Keeping the eye line low keeps the counter feeling spacious.

Kitchen - AFTER

A close up of the new coffee nook, so accessible and cozy for this family.

Kitchen - BEFORE

With such unique cabinets, this family was struggling to see the vision of their kitchen.

Kitchen - AFTER

Utilizing the odd cabinets for things they use often in this space will allow the chef in this family to cook with ease.

Pantry - BEFORE

For this family to have full accessibility to their pantry, removing the interior panel doors to the left and right was necessary.

Pantry - AFTER

Once large appliances, and party platters were given a home, it was easy to organize the pantry with heavy items down low and light items up top - keeping in mind the most frequently accessed items.

Pantry- BEFORE

This family was struggling with utilizing this space in an efficient way. Their requests were; unused pans easy to access, food storage kept out of the way, and easier access to the items used everyday.

Pantry- AFTER

PROTIP: Want to give your pantry a little spark? Remove old, disliked and expired food first. You will be surprised at what you have left, and be able to shift your buying habits to buy things only when necessary in order to keep your pantry rotating and not stale.

Laundry Room - BEFORE

This clients biggest complaint was the room was just not functional for her.

Laundry Room- AFTER

After moving the washer and dryer, the fold down table is now able to be utilized. Taking advantage of all the storage options above the cabinets was easy with all the large party platters this family owns!

Sun Room - BEFORE

This clients biggest complaint was the room was just not functional for her.

Sun Room - AFTER

This clients biggest complaint was the room was just not functional for her.

Livingroom Bookcase - BEFORE

Livingroom Bookcase - AFTER

Everything needed to be cleared out and gone through to renovate this space. My client wanted to specifically keep things that were important to her and her family. These pictures show the beginning and end of our process.

Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom - AFTER

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